Death Sword

Death Sword

Death Sword is The Miniboss of Arbiter's Grounds in "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess".


When Link encounters him, His sword is sealed by several ropes. The Battle starts when Link cuts one of the ropes. During the first part of the fight, Deathsword is invisible to the human eye, but with Wolf Link's enhanced senses, he is able to see deathsword and fight him. The first part is won by jumping on him when he lets his guard down and biting him. In the second part, he has a significant bite mark on his neck, forcing him to tilt his head. He then makes circles around Link hoping to get a clear shot. Link has to shoot his arrows at him to stop him (or the clawshot if he runs out of arrows). Once stopped, Link must eveade a heavy slash. Once evaded, Link can attack him. After repeating the processess, Deathsword will turn into a group of bugs and escape out the cieling.

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