The ghost of Kamaro as he appears in-game

Kamaro is a friendly ghost character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is one of the twenty people in Link's Bomber's Notebook that Link must help.


Kamaro is the regretful spirit of an "exotic dancer" with an unusual passion of the moon. He regrets that he was not able to perform his mystic dance to the world.

Behavior in-game Edit

Kamaro's Mask

He appears at night in southern Termina field, performing his dance atop a large, white, mushroom-shaped plateau whilst an eerie, high pitch song plays. If Link speaks to him, Kamaro will tell his story in confusing and complex riddles, so much so that translations are provided for the player. If Link plays Kamaro the Song of Healing, it will ease his regrets and he will give Link a mask in his likeness, telling Link to use it to show his dance to the world and pass on the moves.