Shy Guy Ghost
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First appearance Luigi's Mansion
Location(s) Ballroom, Roof, Candle room
Attack method Stabbing
Weapon(s) Spear
Effective weapon(s) Polterguist 3000

Shy Guy Ghosts are enemies from Luigi's Mansion.

Characteristics Edit

Shy Guys Ghosts look very similar to normal Shy Guys. They fly around and dance. They dance in pairs. If Luigi interrupts a pair's dancing, both will fly toward Luigi and stab him. If Luigi sucks off a Shy Guy Ghost's mask, it will reveal two shiny, red eyes, allowing Luigi to suck away the Shy Guy Ghost. They are also found in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time; Their main distinguishing characteristic being that they can create a mirage of themselves, attempting to trick the plumbers into attacking the false ghost.

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