William Birkin
William Birkin
William Birkin after initial infection
First appearance Resident Evil 2
Attack method slashing, bludgeoning
Weapon(s) Pipe
Effective weapon(s) Guns
Spoils End Game cinema

William Birkin is a boss from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: the Darkside Chronicles.

Profile Edit

William was a researcher for Umbrella, promoted to the lead of the T-Virus project. He expanded his research and created a new virus denoted with a G. He betrayed Umbrella to give his breakthrough to the government, when Umbrella hunted him down and left him to die. He directly injected himself with the virus to avoid death by gunshot wounds. It was effective, but took over his body and mind, turning him into a mutagenic monster bent on destruction and procreation (which he could only do through another Birkin., i.e. his daughter Sherri, with whom he nearly managed to were it not for swift administration of the vaccine). He was nearly killed several times by Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, the people who also cured Sherri, the virus regenerating him, and more hideously mutating him, each time, until his cellular buildup was damaged beyond repair even by even the virus itself.

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